EUROMARINE LTD. was founded in 1975 by Dimitris Vournasos, Naval Architect & Emmanuel Passas, Marine Engineer, both graduates Dipl. Ing. from the Technical University Hanover, Germany after having worked 10 years each in nearly all fields of the shipping industry and marine management.

The subject of the company is the consultancy and services for technical subjects referring to all kind of vessels cargo and the shore side maritime industry.

The partners and leading staff of EUROMARINE LTD. are naval architects and marine engineers. They have gained experience prior the foundation of the company and with the company by shipyards, shipping companies, offshore constructions, consulting and design offices, so that at the year 2011 the average experience of the office staff exceeds 40 years and can achieve the highest standards of service.

Our services include the full range of services from pre-investment advice to project management and contract services. EUROMARINE is able both, to lead and to form part of a multi-disciplinary team for a particular project.

All consultancy assignments are carried out with the common objective of providing independent advice and services to the highest professional standards under an ISO approved quality system.

Besides the kind of jobs indicated in the following pages, EUROMARINE has significant experience with :
Consultancy to Owners/Managers for newbuilding projects of bulk carriers and other types of ships
New building supervision of offshore platforms,
Semi submersible pipe laying barges and submarines.
Furthermore, we have often participated in successful salvage operations, carrying out also the necessary calculations.

EUROMARINE being familiar with ISM has successfully performed the technical management and operation for various vessels.

The professional handling of claims for owners or underwriters for cases like, fire damages, groundings, collisions, flooding of engine room or holds, cargo damages, engine damages, etc., forms a major part of the daily operations carried out by this office.

Euromarine Ltd. Is acting as technical consultant in the R.S.O. (Recognized Security Organisation) group of ARION ELECTRONICS ABEE, approved since 27/02/2004 from the Ministry of Merchant Marine for the elaboration of "Security Assessments and Security Plans" for ports and port facilities.
The staff of Euromarine Ltd is certified as P.F.S.O. (Port Facility Security Officer) and C.S.O
(Company Security Officer) for the elaboration and issue of Security Assessments and Plans, as per
ISPS code, not only for ports and port facilities but also for all types of vessels.

The ship design field of Euromarine's activities is supported by "state of the art" hardware and software packages and special purpose programs ensuring a high quality and timely completion of projects.

In the last 36 years EUROMARINE has successfully dealt with a large number of projects in Greece and worldwide and has managed many projects.

The most recent major projects are:

The design of a floating dock for a lifting capacity of 2000 tons.
The contract design of new building ferry boat for 1200 passengers.
Participation in the team which evaluated the port of Piraeus in view of privatization.
The inspection and evaluation of a Greek shipyard in view of reorganization.
The coordination of outfitting for a Ro-Ro vessel and elaboration of the corresponding
coordination drawings.
Engineering support to a major shipyard for the upgrading of the oil rig ATWOOD EAGLE.
The elaboration of the Integrated Logistic System for the Hellenic navy newbuilding tanker.
Elaboration of security assessments and plans for various vessels and port facilities.
Elaboration of security assessments (SSA) and security plans (SSP) for various types of ships.
Elaboration of security assessments (PFSA) and security plans (PFSP) for the Port Facilities
of Piraeus, Igoumenitsa and Kerkyra (Corfou) Port Authorities, and for a number of smaller,
state or privately owned, Port Facilities in Greece.
Supervision during construction in Greece of a Fiscal Metering Station (FMS) for a feeder oil tanker.
Conversion of three (3) single hull oil tankers to double skin in compliance with MARPOL
Regulations, involving:
o Elaboration of conversion design consisting of development of drawings and calculations for Class and Flag authorities.
o Development of working drawings
o Project management and coordination
o Site supervision
Conversion of a double hull oil tanker to Oil Spill Recovery Vessel
Feasibility study for the conversion of Ro/Ro vessel to Oil Drill Research Vessel.
Design of two (2) Split Hopper Barge Vessels, involving:
o Development of drawings and calculations for Class and Flag authorities.
o Building Specification
o Maker's List Evaluation and Equipment Selection
Inspection and evaluation of the entire fleet of NEL Lines/Greece
Consultancy to Owners for eight (8) bulk carriers newbuilding projects in China of 33000 dwt and
57000 dwt, consisting of:
o Building Specification Review and Commenting prior to signing of contract.
o Plan Approval Review
o Maker's List Evaluation and Equipment Selection, including OBP provisions
Building Specification Review and Commenting on behalf of Owners for various newbuilding projects
ranging from 24000dwt to 82000dwt.

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